Davinci Resolve training – Step by step study guide

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If you’re learning davinci resolve like I do, you can take advantage of this study guide in which I took the steps mentioned in the training video editing (part 1) and put it into writing so you can practice without seeing the actual video tutorial and challenging yourself to remember how to do it.

Hope it helps! let me know!

Editing part 1

  1. Download the project files from DaVinci Resolve 19 – Training | Blackmagic Design to your computer
  2. Create a new project and name it: Age of Airplanes Trailer
  3. In the media page
    • Add new location → choose the editing folder from the downloaded files
    • Select both folders and add them (with subfolders) into media pool creating bins
    • Confirm change project frame rate
    • In the audio clips bin
      • Create two bins: Music and Voice overs (VO)
      • Add the music track and voice overs to the corresponding bins
    • Turn the audio scrub off
    • Select the interviews clips and add the following metadata:
      • Keywords → Interview
      • Check that the smart bin “keywords|Interview” so it has the three clips
    • Select the credits clip and add the keyword metadata → Credits
    • Import the metadata to the mediapool from the csv file with the option Match using clip … timecode (unchecked)
    • Check in the file tab of the inspector to find the metadata added in the previous step
    • Select the Masterbin and search for
      • All bins | filter by scene | text → sfo
      • All bins | filter by comments | text → kenya
    • Close the search filed
    • In user preferences | editing | check the smart bin for scene metadata
    • Create a custom smart bin:
      • Name: B-Roll
      • Rules →
        • Keywords do not contain Interview
        • Keywords do not contain Credits
        • Add a subset rules of the type Any
        • Subrules:
          • Clip type are video
          • Clip type are video + audio
    • In the b-roll smart bin (clip attributes)
      • Rename al the clips and name them AOA_%shot%_%comments%
    • In the interviews smat bin
      • Rename al the clips and name them INT_%shot%_%comments%
  4. In the edit page
    • Create a new bin and name it → Timeline
    • Create a new Timeline inside that bin and name it → AOA Trailer v1
    • In the timeline:
      • Go to the smart bin Interview and order the interview clips by clip name
      • Turn the audio scrub on again
      • Insert the INT_01 clip
      • In the timecode 00:11:00
        • Insert (overwrite) the clip INT_02…clip
          • Display the zoomed waveform of the clip
          • Take this portion of the clip → 11:06 – 23:20
      • In the intersection of the INT_01… and INT_02 clips
        • Insert (Insert) the B-roll clip AOA_02… → 07:14 – 12:08
      • Move to the start of that clip in the timeline
      • Insert the AOA_01 clip (just video)
        • You can disable the audio track and add it insert shortcut
      • In the 22:07 insert (insert) the AOA_10… clip take the portion begining 39:07 and 3 seconds
      • Adjust the timeline zoom
      • Select and ripple delete the video portion of the clip INT_02… (first part)
      • Remove (ripple delete) from the INT_02 clip the “stay on that location longer” portion 27:08 – 28:15
      • Remove the first portion from the INT_01 clip using the trim edit mode removing 03:04 frames
      • In the INT_02 edited in the previous step remove a single frame from the first part and add one frame to the second part
      • Add (place on top) the music clip to the begining of the timeline
      • Lower the audio level to -12 db
      • (Step for DR 19) In Fairlight Duck the music track (level 5)
      • Add (Overwrite) the B-roll AOA_08…clip in the middle of the jump cut of the INT_02…clip
      • Add (Append at end) AOA_07… AOA_11… and AOA_14
      • Reduce the duration of the three clips added  to 5 seconds (using the trim edit mode)
      • Lock the audio track and from the AOA_07… clip remove enough frames to make it 4 seconds without altering the interview audio
      • Repeat the previous to make the clip AOA_11 and and the AOA_08 B-roll clips added to match 4 seconds
      • Reorder the b-roll clips (shuffle edit) in this order AOA_14…AOA_07…AOA_11
      • Trim the AOA_14 alaska shot (from the end) to match a 4 second duration
      • Insert (overwrite)  the credits after the AOA_11 clip
      • Refine the B-roll clips (using the trim edit mode)
        • AOA_11 and slip the content to make the plane leaving the shot the last part of the clip
        • AOA_14:
          • double the speed
          • Slip the content so the end frame is the plane with the mountains in the middle
        • AOA_07:
          • Reveal the clip in the source vewer
          • Choose and new starting frame (the plane on top of the flamingos) and drag and replace the clip on the timeline
        • AOA_11
          • Find the clip in media pool
          • Replace the clip with AOA_12 find the frame match the plane position of the viewer source
      • Separate the clip INT_02 clip in the 25:05 and move the second part to 26:20

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